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Relearning the MAGIC  in All Things

The School of Magic began as a dream 15 years ago for Founder Jessica Smalls.

She dreamed of creating an alternative option to the mainstream education model.

When business halted in 2020, The School of Magic began it's development phase.  Finding herself home schooling her 3 children, Jessica Smalls birthed The School of Magic from teaching to the broad interests of her own children.  The dream began as a homeschool support program for parents to support student learning at home while curriculum was being further developed. 


The School of Magic is located in a community center in East London today, with access to a large public park with walking trails, a creek and large spaces to roam.  The School of Magic addresses learning with a project based self directed learning style through a center and nature based structure.  Our students know what they want to learn about and we support them to reach their goals.

Our curriculum covers world, nation and city ecology and geography, language and writing craft, holistic math, chemistry, biology, business, emotional understanding, and creation with drums, food, plants, needle and thread, and so much more!

Our program runs 3 days a week and our core understandings allow us to focus on accepting and respecting self and others as they are.  We intentionally leave out diversity education, and instead have students in our community share their cultures and beliefs when they feel safe to do so.  We focus on identifying and understanding the cells, organs and systems of the human biology, and leave all forms of sexual education up to parents.

We host monthly parent circles to offer parents a forum similar to their child's circle experiences in school, so channels of communication remain clean and clear between parents and educators, and we can continue to deepen the relationships between the adults in our community, just as the students deepen their relationships over their time with us. 

Would you like to learn more?

Download our parent package now.


These days, The School of Magic is a team effort, with Partner Courtney Matesic joining Jessica Smalls to focus on the creation of an elementary curriculum for those who are planning to home school and wish to follow our curriculum, join in our Share the Magic Business Sale days, and participate in a pen pal program with our classrooms.

For educators who prefer their own POD or Micro School under The School of Magic umbrella, a training program is provided to ensure the appointed educator(s) have the skills required to participate fully in the breadth of our curriculum, while adhering to the ethics our curriculum supports, along with all the perks that come with purchasing our annual curriculum offerings.  


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